The Art of Amy Holweger

About Me

Hi! My name is Amy Holweger, and I'm an illustrator and printmaker living in the Midwest, and the owner of The Acorn Art Studio. I've grown up creating art, though I spent more of my youth writing and devouring fantasy novels (and writing some of my own!). It's because of this I sometimes like to daydream and say that I'm part fairy. I really believe there is magic in everyday life if we choose to see it.

This everyday magic is why I chose an acorn to represent my business. I've always been fond of picking up any acrons I come across, which means they frequently end up stashed in all sorts of pockets, jars, or end up going through the laundry. To me, acorns hold the potential of something bigger. A tree, a cup for a squirrel, a hat for a fairy - or maybe a fairy house! And all these possibilities are found in the little humble acorn.

I aim to capture magic, whimsy, and joy in my art. It thrills me when people say that my work makes them smile or brings them joy because I feel like I'm fulfilling my purpose in life!

I often get my inspiration from nature, toy stores, craft stores, and from my vast collection of children's books. I also love to go on adventures through antique stores, thrift stores, and even the dollar store! I also am a big fan of animated movies, whether it's Disney, Pixar, or something else.

I live in Minnesota with my best friend (aka my husband) and two dogs, Obi and Tano.